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Adult Black Racer: non-venomous, eats lizards. Gets up to 5ft long (average).  Black Racer Snake about to shed it's skin: Snake is "Blue" Baby Black Racer: non-venomous (notice that they are not black when born. Many confuse them with corn/coachwhip/gray rat snakes

Black Racer Close Up. Oct 22, 2009  Black Racer - harmless snake - all over the place Black Racer Snake - Harmless Snake

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Adult Gray Rat: non-venomous  Baby Grey Rat Snake with Mouth Open. Photo by Greg K.   Grey Rat Snake - non venomous gets up to 7ft. long

Red Rat Snake Baby Red rat-Corn Snake: non-venomous under belly of a red-rat/corn snake: non-venomous This snake is longer then average. Snake Owner: Jo Indomenico Corn Snake-Red Rat Snake scale pattern

Everglades Rat Snake: non-venomous Non-Venomous: Close up of an Everglades Rat Snake Non-Venomous: Everglades Rat Snake

Adult Yellow Rat Snake: non-venomous (Notice the vertical stripes from head to tail) Baby Yellow Rat Snake-Nonvenomous. Notice no stripes as a baby.  Adult Yellow Rat Snake- Nonvenomous, notice the vertical stripes. Get up to 7ft long.

newborn Black Rat Snake hatching out Sept. 6, 2006: Non-Venomous  Baby newborn Black Rat Snake checking out his hatching siblings Sept. 6, 06: Non-Venomous  Closer look at a baby Yello Rat Snake - Harmless. Note the round pupils and lack of stripes

 Western Hognose Snake: non-venmous (notice the tip of the nose, up like a shovel, these snakes like to burrow). Western Hognose Snake: Non-venomous Eastern Hognose Snake: Non-Venomous

Eastern Hog Nose Snake acting like a cobra: non-venomous    Eastern Hognose Snake acting like a cobra: not dangerous   NON-Venomous: Melanistic Eastern Hognose Snake

Non-Venomous: Melanistic Eastern Hognose Snake (defends it's self by hooding like a cobra)    Non-Venomous: Melanistric Eastern Hognose Snake    Non-Venomous: Melanistric Eastern Hognose Snake

    Crown Snake, "consider" non-venomous. Similar snakes on the W. USA are referred to as "black-headed "snakes. Ribbon Snake: non-venomous (Notice the vertical stripe that run along the sides of the snake).

Northern Ring Neck poking it's head out of it's egg.  July 06    2 new born Northern Ring Neck Snakes checking out the world     Non-Venomous: common ring neck snake. Often mistaken as a black racer.

amphisbanian species: Rhineura floridana - aka "Florida Worm Lizard"   NOT a Caecilians Amphibian, not a snake, not a lizard: harmless Rhineura floridana aka "Florida Worm Lizard"

Pine Woods Snake - small in nature, Non-Venomous  Non-Venomous - Florida Brown Snake:Notice the light ring on neck and back scale patterns.  Fl. Brown Snake: Notice how it flattens it's head out to look bigger and mimic a cobra.

glass snake-legless lizard: non-venomous (not really a snake at all)  Legless Lizard aka-Glass-Snake, photo by Greg K. HARMLESS Non-Venomous: Garter Snake. Notice the vertical stripe running down it's back. 

Variety of Garter Snakes: Non-Venomous. All have vertical stripes    Garter Snake: non-venmous   

 Florida Water Snake - non venomous Florida Brown Water Snake: Non-Venomous   Florida Water Snake: non-venmous   

Non-Venomous: Florida Water Snake    Non-Venomous: Midland Water Snake   Water Snake: non-venomous

Florida Water Snakes: non-venmous (female & Male)      Northern Water Snake - Non-Venomous 

 Black Pine Snake: non-venomous   Northern Black Pine Snake: non-venomous (similar to a Eastern Indigo snake but it is not).  

 Eastern Indigo (protected) non-venomous    Eastern Indigo (protected) non-venomous Snake can grow up to just over 7ft long and will eat other snakes.    Eastern Indigo - Nonvenomous and Federal Protected.

  Florida Pine Snake  Florida Pine Snake: Non-Venomous (protected)  Florida Pine Snake (Protected)  Florida Pine Snake Scale Patter (Keeled scales)

Eastern Coachwhip - Non Venomous  photo by Greg Kaszuba  Coachwhip - non venomous. Photo by Bill Sloan  Coachwhip (Eastern) non venomous.  Photo by Greg Kaszuba

Florida King Snake: non-venomous (one of a couple styles).  Speckled King Snake: non-venomous   Speckled King Snake eating a baby rat after constricting it.

  Female Black King Snake on a mirror bottom.  Babies to the right: non-venomous.     New Born baby Black King Snake sticking it's head out of it's egg.  a pile of 11 new born baby Black King Snakes.

Skarlet Snake: non-venomous   Scarlet King Snake: Non-Venomous.  Notice the color rings go all the way around the snakes body. Scarlet King Hatchings. Photo By Kevin Enge - Jun09  Mexican Milk Snake (Male) on a mirror bottom: non-venomous

Gray Banded King Snake    Gray Banded King Snake 

backside of an Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake: VENOMOUS  Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake: VENOMOUS  Baby Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake: VENOMOUS

VENOMOUS: Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake VENOMOUS: Top view of an Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake Black-tail Rattle Snake: Venomous

                 Western Diamondback Rattle Snake: Venomous         Western Diamondback Rattle Snake: Venomous   

Pigmy Rattle Snake curled up: VENOMOUS  Prgmy Rattle Snake: VENOMOUS  Pigmy Rattle Snake: Venomous (notice the bright yellow tail: lure)

VENOMOUS: Dusky Pigmy Rattle Snake (notice how it spreads it's body out to look bigger)    VENOMOUS: Dusky Pigmy Rattle Snake (a baby the size of a U.S. queater) just as dangerous.

Eastern Coral Snake with eggs: VENOMOUS   Eastern Coral Snake: Venomous (eating a baby black racer after invenomating it).   Coral snake (VENOMOUS) found in a Central Florida Pool.  June 2008

Water Moccasin/Cotton Mouth: VENOMOUS  Water Moccasin/Cotton Mouth: Typical Defense Posture: Venomous  Water Moccasin/Cotton Mouth: Venomous.  This is how they got the name "Cotton Mouth".  VENOMOUS: Florida Water Moccassin (often mistaken for other snakes)

   Close up of a VENOMOUS water Mocc.  Notice the dark striped behind the eye!   older water Mocc.: VENOMOUS (noitce how this one has a darker scale color then others).   very rare-lucistic water mocc., venomous (this snake was born 7 years after it's mother was last inpregnated)!!  

Baby Water Moccasin/Cotton Mouth. VENOMOUS  Water Mocc./Cotton mouth swimming ON TOP of the water.  VENOMOUS 

Canebrake Rattle Snake: VENOMOUS     2 Canebrake Rattle Snakes: VENOMOUS     Head shot of a Canebrake Rattle Snake: VENOMOUS

Canebrake Rattle Snake: Venomous    VENOMOUS: Canebrake Rattle Snake    VENOMOUS: Canebrake Rattle Snake

VENMOUS: Speckled Rattle Snake (Arizona)     VENOMOUS: Sidewinder Rattlesnke     VENOMOUS: Western Diamondback Rattle Snake

Look Closer- Southern Copperhead: VENOMOUS  Baby Northern Copperheads: Venomous (baby water moccasins/cotton mouths look very similar when born).  Northern Copperhead: Venomous (newborn babies below)   Northern Copperhead hidding: Venomous   

newborn baby copperhead (minutes old) still in it's sack: Venomous newborn baby Nothern Copperhead: Venomous (notice the lime green tail like newborn water moccasins too)  close-up of a newborn baby copperhead: Venomous

          VENOMOUS: Southern Copperhead        VENOMOUS: Southern Copperhead

Cobra with hood open  King Cobra: Venomous (largest Venoumous snake in the world)!!  Cobra owned by Carl Barden  Greg kaszuba holding this beautiful Speckled Rattle Snake in Arizona in early May 2006.

Albino Burmese Python: Non-venmous (name: Albinee). These INVASIVE snakes can reach up to 20ft. long.  Albino Burmese Python (Notice the pink eyes). These snakes can reach up to 20ft. long.  Burmese Python, Non-Venomous but can get up to 20ft. long.  Name: "Tiny"

Burmese Python, non-venomous. These snakes can grow up to over 20ft. long.  Established now in Florida (2007). Ball Pythons (2): non-venomous

Ball Python - non venomous Ball Python Ball Python head view Ball Python lighter phase (carmel)

Blood Python: non-venomous  Blood Python: Non-venomous (a short stocky snake)  Green Reticulated Python: Non-venomous but Dangerous (longest snake in the world & can squeeze you to death if large enough) aggressive at times

Boa Constrictor: Non-Venomous (his name is "Styles") Close up of a Boa Constrictor: Non-venomous and can get up to 8 to 14 ft. long. Boa

Red-Tail Green Rat Snake: Non-venomous   Greg holding a beautiful Red-Tailed Green Rat Snake: non-venomous   Red Tailed Green Rat Snake. Notice how the snake inhales air to look bigger. It's defensive behavior.

Hagens Tree Viper: Exotic VENOMOUS Hagens Tree Viper Close up: Exotic VENOMOUS hagen's Tree Viper. VENOMOUS

 Rough Green Snake: non-venomous  rough Green Snake with mouth open, Non-Venomous. Photo by Greg Kaszuba. Rough Green Snake - nonvenomous and eat insects.

    Non-Venomous: Green Tree Python, very sharp teeth (Oct. 2006) Notice the green scales starting to show   

eye-lash tree viper-exotic venomous    mangrove snake-venomous    vine snake-refanged "venomous"


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